Urban564A Disc Lock


Urban564A Disc Lock

This is a motorcycle disc brake lock designed for anti-theft purposes. It comes with a transport pouch and has a universal 5mm locking shaft. The color available is yellow.

Scooter Lock

This lock is suitable for securing scooters and preventing theft. It is easy to use and provides added security for your scooter.

Bike Lock

With a universal locking shaft, this disc lock can also be used for securing bikes and preventing unauthorized use or theft.

Electric Scooter Lock

For electric scooter owners, this disc lock provides an additional layer of security to protect your vehicle from theft.

Motorcycle Lock Review

After using the Urban564A disc lock, I found it to be a reliable and sturdy lock for my motorcycle. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my bike is secure.

Conclusion on Anti-Theft Lock

The Urban564A disc lock is a versatile and effective anti-theft device that can be used for various types of vehicles, providing added security and protection.

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