UniqueFire 1605N Vcsel 850nm IR Illuminator Torch Lights

UniqueFire 1605N Vcsel 850nm IR Illuminator Torch Lights

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New Upgrade IR Light

This 1605N IR Torch is an upgraded version of 1605, its chip is upgraded to the most advanced Vcsel LED chip module, with high efficiency and low thermal resistance. The lens is upgraded to Fresnel lens, which is thinner than normal lens, more focused and stronger light penetration. 1605N combines Vcsel LED chip & Fresnel lens, it can reach 1500 meters lighting distance under good lighting environment.

Vcsel 850NM Chip Module

IR Module utilizes the most advanced Vcsel IR BLACK LED with the latest chip technology, high efficiency, low thermal resistance, Emits infrared light with 850nm wavelength, produce a powerful punch with approximately 500-1500 meters range (approx. 1640 yards) with focused beam. With the latest chip technology, Fresnel Lens and an excellent package, lifetimes of up to 50,000 hours are easily obtainable.

Fresnel Lens IR Lights

Infrared Illuminator Uses Fresnel Lens Zoomable Focusing Technology, Utilize the short focal length microstructured Fresnel optics which can be more focused, The light penetrates more strongly, fresnel lens is thinner than the ordinary lens can shine much farther than, After focusing by rotating the head, the Fresnel lens cooperates with Vcsel 850nm lamp beads, and the maximum illumination distance can reach 1500 meters.

Quick Dimmer Switch Technology

The Night Vision IR Light Comes with a Quick Dimmer Switch Function to Quickly Fine-tune the Beam. Compared with Ordinary Push-type Gear Switches, the Operation is More Flexible and Convenient, and the Brightness of the 850nm Infrared Light Flashlight can Also be Adjusted More Accurately. Press the Switch when the Light is ON, Turn the Tail Switch to Adjust the Brightness of the Light From 5% to 95%.

Adjustable Focus Infrared Torch

Infrared LED torch with adjustable focus function, by rotating the long body can be focused to form an ir spotlight for long-distance illumination, or rotating to shorten the body can be proliferate to form an ir floodlight for close-range wide-area illumination. The 1605N can be used to spot targets at longer distances by focusing the beam than a non-focusing illuminator.

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