Toyvian 8 pcs figurine toy

Toyvian 8 pcs figurine toy

This is a set of 8 figurine toys for children, including finger cots, candy bags, and animal puppets. It is educational and great for toddlers.

Statuette child

This statuette is designed for children and can be used as a toy or decoration in a child’s room.

Finger cot

A finger cot is a small covering that is worn on the finger to protect it or to cover a wound.

Candy bag

This candy bag is a small bag used to hold candy or other small treats.

Animal Puppets set

This set includes fluffy stuffed animal puppets that can be used for storytelling or playtime.

Fluffy stuffed animals

These fluffy stuffed animals are soft and cuddly, perfect for young children to play with.

测评:The Toyvian 8 pcs figurine toy set is a great way to encourage imaginative play in young children. The variety of toys included in the set allows for different types of play, from storytelling with the animal puppets to using the finger cots for creative play. The educational aspect of the set is also a plus, as children can learn about different animals and develop their fine motor skills while playing with the toys. Overall, this set is a great addition to any child’s toy collection.

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