Sainik’s Dry Fruit Mall Chilgoza Without Shell | chilgoza pine nuts | chilgoza dry fruits 1 Kg

Sainik’s Dry Fruit Mall Chilgoza Without Shell | chilgoza pine nuts | chilgoza dry fruits 1 Kg

Sainik’s Dry Fruit Mall Chilgoza Without Shell

About Us

Welcome to Sainik’s Dry Fruit Mall, where we care about adding the freshest snacks to your pantry since 2016. Our nutritious nuts, dried fruits, snack trays, and more are the result of our dedication to you. Our products are packed with essential nutrients designed to boost your overall health and well-being. Thank you for choosing Sainik’s Dry Fruit Mall! We know you’ll love our wide variety of delicious food.

Best Health Benefits of Chilgoza

  • Chilgoza/Pine Seed/Nut is loaded with antioxidants.
  • Chilgoza/Pine Seed is a rich source of zinc & magnesium that can assist in sound sleep and improve the mood.
  • The Chilgoza pine nut is a rich source of vitamin E with 9.33 mg per 100 grams.
  • Chilgoza pine nut is highly rich in iron, which is vital for storing and transporting oxygen to the vital organs. This nut is considered extremely beneficial for women.
  • The protein value of Chilgoza pine nut is 24%.

Our Philosophy

You’re the reason we love coming into work every day. We strive to deliver only the finest, freshest, and most flavor-filled snack products right to your door. We pride ourselves on always delivering the best industry-leading service, convenience, and reliability for every single person who enjoys Sincerely Nuts.

Healthy + Vitamin

Pine nuts are rich in Vitamins A and lutein, both of which are known to support sharper vision and build stronger bones, thanks to their Vitamin D content.

Great Taste

Chilgoza Pine Nuts can be eaten raw, have a soft texture and a sweet buttery flavor, and are especially good in salads and pesto sauce.

For Weight Loss

Being a satiety agent, Pine Nuts are effective when it comes to shedding some extra pounds. The nuts have the potential to curb your appetite due to the Pinolenic acid.

Boost Energy

Pine Nut Boosts Energy and is loaded with countless beneficial properties, such as Protein Iron & Monounsaturated fats.

Boost Immunity

They are good for pregnant women and can help maintain hormonal health and boost your immunity.


In conclusion, Chilgoza pine nuts offer a wide range of health benefits, including antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and protein. Choosing Sainik’s Dry Fruit Mall ensures that you receive the freshest and highest quality Chilgoza pine nuts for your snacking needs. Enjoy the great taste and numerous health benefits of Chilgoza pine nuts today!

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