Rechargeable Anemometer

Rechargeable Anemometer

This is a rechargeable anemometer with a digital wind speed meter that is waterproof and equipped with touch buttons. It also features a CFM anemometer with a Type-C charging port, data hold, and backlit display. It is suitable for various activities such as HVAC, sailing, and shooting.

Digital Wind Speed Meter

The digital wind speed meter is an essential tool for measuring wind speed accurately. It is designed to be waterproof and easy to use, making it suitable for outdoor activities.

Type-C Charging Port

The Type-C charging port allows for convenient and fast charging, ensuring that the anemometer is always ready for use when needed.

Data Hold Feature

The data hold feature enables users to freeze the displayed data for easy recording and analysis, providing accurate and reliable results.

Backlit Display

The backlit display ensures visibility in low-light conditions, making it suitable for use in various environments.


This anemometer is suitable for a wide range of applications, including HVAC, sailing, and shooting, providing accurate wind speed measurements for different purposes.

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