RESCUEBig Bag Disposable Fly Traps


RESCUEBig Bag Disposable Fly Traps

These disposable fly traps are designed to attract and capture flies, helping to reduce the fly population in your outdoor space. Each trap can hold a large quantity of flies, making them an effective solution for fly control.

Easy to Use

The Big Bag Disposable Fly Traps are easy to set up and require no maintenance. Simply hang them in the desired area and let them do the work.


With their powerful attractant, these fly traps are highly effective at capturing flies and reducing their numbers in your outdoor space.


Each pack contains 6 traps, providing you with a convenient and cost-effective solution for fly control.


These traps are safe to use around pets and children, making them a practical choice for fly control in outdoor areas.

Environmentally Friendly

These fly traps are designed to be environmentally friendly, offering a sustainable solution for fly control.

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