Pro Series by HHIP 3900-0693 Collet Chuck Nut


Pro Series by HHIP 3900-0693 Collet Chuck Nut

This is a high-quality collet chuck nut designed for precision machining, with a maximum speed of 18000 RPM and a size of 35.5 mm.

Um-Type Er50

The collet chuck nut is of Um-Type Er50, ensuring a secure and stable grip on the workpiece during machining.

High Speed

With a maximum speed of 18000 RPM, this collet chuck nut is suitable for high-speed machining applications, providing efficiency and accuracy.

Precision Machining

Designed for precision machining, this collet chuck nut delivers consistent and reliable performance, meeting the demands of professional machining operations.

Secure Grip

The Um-Type Er50 design ensures a secure grip on the workpiece, minimizing vibration and enhancing machining quality.

Quality Construction

Constructed with high-quality materials and precision engineering, this collet chuck nut offers durability and long-lasting performance in machining applications.

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