OptiMATE 4 CAN-bus edition

OptiMATE 4 CAN-bus edition

The most advanced 12V battery saving charger for high performance or touring BMW motorcycles.

TM-351 8/9-step 12V 1A battery Saving charger-tester-maintainer

Includes the OptiMATE adapter/ extender (O-09) that connects directly to the 12V DIN socket on BMW motorcycles.

Automatic KEY-LESS activation

Continued 24/7 safe long-term maintenance – Connect and forget no more battery problems!

Dual Charge Program

Select alternate ‘direct to battery charge mode’ when necessary to SAVE a ‘dead flat’ battery from as low as 0.5V.

Advanced and accurate testing

Before and after charging. OptiMATE’s 24-7 smart maintenance ensures more battery power and longer battery life!


The OptiMATE 4 CAN-bus edition is the ideal choice for BMW motorcycle owners looking for a reliable and advanced battery saving charger.

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