Neutrik Nc3Fm-C-B XLR Audio Connector

Neutrik Nc3Fm-C-B XLR Audio Connector

Neutrik Nc3Fm-C-B XLR Audio Connector

Are you in need of a high-quality XLR audio connector for your professional audio equipment? Look no further than the Neutrik Nc3Fm-C-B. This connector is designed to meet the demands of the audio industry, providing reliable and secure connections for your audio devices.


3 Contacts

The Neutrik Nc3Fm-C-B XLR audio connector is equipped with 3 contacts, allowing for the transmission of balanced audio signals. This ensures clear and interference-free audio reproduction.

Plug and Receptacle

With both plug and receptacle components, this connector offers versatility in its use. Whether you need to connect a microphone, amplifier, or other audio equipment, the Nc3Fm-C-B has you covered.

Cable Mount

Designed for easy installation, the Nc3Fm-C-B can be mounted directly onto a cable, providing a secure and stable connection that won’t come loose during use.

Gold Plated Contacts

Gold plated contacts ensure optimal conductivity and corrosion resistance, resulting in a long-lasting and reliable connection for your audio devices.

Metal Body

The connector’s metal body provides durability and shielding against electromagnetic interference, making it suitable for use in professional audio environments.


What is an XLR connector used for?

XLR connectors are commonly used in professional audio applications, such as microphones, amplifiers, and audio interfaces. They provide a balanced connection, which helps reduce noise and interference in the audio signal.

Can the Nc3Fm-C-B connector be used with different cable types?

Yes, the Nc3Fm-C-B is compatible with a variety of cable types, making it a versatile choice for audio professionals.


The Neutrik Nc3Fm-C-B XLR audio connector is a top-of-the-line choice for anyone in need of a reliable and high-performance audio connection. With its 3 contacts, plug and receptacle design, cable mount capability, gold plated contacts, and durable metal body, this connector is sure to meet the demands of professional audio applications.

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