Mastercool(57161) Black Aluminum R410A R22 R404A 2-Way Manifold Set


Mastercool(57161) Black Aluminum R410A, R22, R404A 2-Way Manifold Set

This is a high-quality manifold set for R410A, R22, and R404A refrigerants, featuring 3-1/8″ gauges, 3-60″ hoses, and standard 1/4″ fittings.

Features of Mastercool(57161) Manifold Set

The manifold set is made of black aluminum and is designed for easy and accurate readings of pressure and temperature.

Benefits of Using Mastercool(57161) Manifold Set

With its durable construction and precise measurements, this manifold set is a reliable tool for HVAC professionals and technicians.

How to Use Mastercool(57161) Manifold Set

Connect the hoses to the refrigeration system, and use the gauges to monitor pressure and temperature levels.

Customer Reviews of Mastercool(57161) Manifold Set

“This manifold set is easy to use and provides accurate readings, making my job much easier.”


The Mastercool(57161) manifold set is a valuable tool for anyone working with R410A, R22, and R404A refrigerants.

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