MTLEE 7 Pieces Kwanzaa Candle Set

MTLEE 7 Pieces Kwanzaa Candle Set

This is a high-quality set of Kwanzaa candles, perfect for celebrating the holiday at home or in church.

Seven Principles Taper Candles

These candles represent the seven principles of Kwanzaa and are a meaningful addition to the celebration.

African Hand Dipped Unscented Candles

These candles are hand-dipped in the African tradition, adding an authentic touch to the Kwanzaa celebration.

Reliable Quality Candles

Customers can trust in the quality of these candles to burn cleanly and brightly throughout the holiday.

For Kwanzaa Home Church Celebration Decor

These candles are the perfect decorative touch for Kwanzaa celebrations in both home and church settings.


The MTLEE 7 Pieces Kwanzaa Candle Set is a reliable and meaningful choice for anyone celebrating Kwanzaa, adding a beautiful touch to the holiday decor.

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