Lixada Fishing Bite Alarms Set – Product Description

Lixada Fishing Bite Alarms Set – Product Description

Lixada Fishing Bite Alarms Set

Are you tired of missing out on fish bites while waiting for hours by the water? Look no further than the Lixada Fishing Bite Alarms Set! This comprehensive kit includes 4 LED illuminated swingers, a receiver, and a convenient zippered box to keep everything organized. Let’s dive into the features that make this product a must-have for any carp fishing enthusiast.

Key Features

Wide Transmission Distance

The receiver is equipped with a powerful antenna, allowing the fishing bite alarms to be transmitted over a distance of up to 100 meters. No matter how far you wander from your fishing spot, you can trust that you won’t miss a single bite.

Anti-Interference Technology

With 256 variable codes, the Lixada Fishing Bite Alarms Set ensures that you won’t experience any interference from other anglers nearby. Focus on your fishing without worrying about false alarms caused by someone else’s equipment.

Sensitivity Adjustment

Every angler has their own preferences when it comes to bite sensitivity. That’s why this set allows you to adjust the sensitivity, volume, and tone to suit your needs. Customize the alarms to match your fishing style and increase your chances of success.

High Visibility LED Lights

Never miss a bite again with the 4 LED illuminated swingers included in this set. Each swinger features a different light color, making it easy to differentiate between multiple lines. Additionally, the LED alarming signals and high output speaker ensure that you’ll be alerted to any fish activity, even in noisy environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far can the receiver be from the swingers?

A: The Lixada Fishing Bite Alarms Set has a transmission distance of up to 100 meters, allowing you to explore different fishing spots without losing connection.

Q: Can I adjust the sensitivity of the alarms?

A: Yes, the sensitivity, volume, and tone of the alarms can be easily adjusted to match your preferences and fishing conditions.

Q: Are the LED lights visible during the day?

A: Absolutely! The LED lights are designed to be highly visible, even in bright daylight. You won’t miss any fish bites, regardless of the time of day.


The Lixada Fishing Bite Alarms Set is a game-changer for carp fishing enthusiasts. With its wide transmission distance, anti-interference technology, sensitivity adjustment, and high visibility LED lights, this kit ensures that you’ll never miss a bite again. Upgrade your fishing gear today and experience the thrill of catching more fish with ease!

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