Unisex Anti-Slip Chef Clog Oil Water Resistant Work Shoes Flats Shoes

Comfortable and Durable

These chef clog work shoes are designed to be comfortable and durable, making them perfect for long hours in the kitchen.

Non-Slip Design

The anti-slip design of these shoes ensures that you can move around the kitchen with confidence, even on wet or oily surfaces.

Easy to Clean

These work shoes are water resistant and easy to clean, making them ideal for the messy environment of a kitchen.

Customer Reviews

“I love these shoes! They are so comfortable and the non-slip feature is a game changer in the kitchen.” – Sarah


Overall, the INiceslipper Unisex Anti-Slip Chef Clog Work Shoes are a great choice for anyone working in a kitchen environment. They provide comfort, durability, and safety, making them a must-have for chefs and kitchen staff.




INiceslipper is a brand of unisex shoes, known for their casual and flat designs.

Unisex Shoes

INiceslipper offers a wide range of unisex shoes, suitable for both men and women.

Casual Flat Shoes

The brand’s casual flat shoes are comfortable and stylish, perfect for everyday wear.


The INiceslipper shoes are comfortable and durable, making them a great choice for daily use.


Q: Are INiceslipper shoes true to size?
A: Yes, most customers find that the shoes fit true to size.


INiceslipper offers high-quality unisex shoes with a focus on comfort and style.

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