Heega Choice of Champion


Heega Choice of Champion

This is the top-of-the-line cricket bat from Heega, made from the finest English willow and pre-knocked for 10000 knocks. It is designed for professional players and offers exceptional performance on the field.

Retro (Pre Knocked-10000 Knocks) English Willow Bat

The Retro bat is a classic design with modern performance, perfect for players who appreciate tradition but demand the best from their equipment. The pre-knocking ensures that the bat is ready for use right out of the box.

Performance on the Field

Players who have used the Heega Choice of ChampionRetro bat have praised its exceptional power and control. The sweet spot is perfectly positioned for maximum impact, and the bat feels balanced and responsive in the hands.

Customer Reviews

“I’ve been using the Heega Retro bat for a few months now, and it has completely transformed my game. The quality of the willow is evident in every shot, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.” – John D.


Q: Is the bat suitable for professional matches?
A: Yes, the Heega Choice of ChampionRetro bat is approved for use in professional cricket matches.


For serious cricketers who demand the best, the Heega Choice of ChampionRetro bat is an excellent investment. Its combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern performance make it a standout choice for players at any level.

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