Gunn & Moore GM Cricket Ball


Gunn & Moore GM Cricket Ball

Handmade Leather | Conform to MCC Laws Code | Men’s Women’s & Junior Sizes | Red White or Pink

Quality Handmade Leather Cricket Ball

Perfectly crafted cricket ball made from high-quality leather, suitable for players of all levels.

Conforms to MCC Laws Code

This cricket ball meets the standards set by the Marylebone Cricket Club, ensuring fair play and consistency in the game.

Available in Various Sizes and Colors

Choose from men’s, women’s, and junior sizes, and select your preferred color from red, white, or pink.

Customer Reviews

“The GM cricket ball is top-notch quality and has greatly improved my game. Highly recommended!”


The Gunn & Moore GM Cricket Ball is a reliable choice for cricket enthusiasts, offering durability, conformity to regulations, and a range of options to suit different players.

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