Cylindrical Tungsten Pinewood Car Weights for Wood Car

Cylindrical Tungsten Pinewood Car Weights for Wood Car

Cylindrical Tungsten Pinewood Car Weights for Wood Car

Are you looking to take your pinewood car to the next level? Do you want to maximize its speed and performance? Look no further! Our cylindrical tungsten pinewood car weights are the perfect solution for you.

Getting Your Wood Car to the 5 oz Limit

One of the most important aspects of pinewood car racing is meeting the weight limit. Our cylindrical tungsten weights are designed to help you achieve the desired weight of 5 oz. With four different sizes available, totaling 3.75 oz, you have the flexibility to adjust the weight distribution of your car for optimal performance.

Optimizing Your Wood Car for Speed

Weight distribution plays a crucial role in the speed of your pinewood car. By strategically placing our cylindrical tungsten weights, you can optimize the balance and stability of your car, allowing it to reach its maximum speed potential.

Improved Acceleration

The added weight from our tungsten car weights increases the downward force on your car, improving its traction and acceleration. This means that your car will have a faster start and reach its top speed more quickly.

Enhanced Stability

With the right weight distribution, your pinewood car will have improved stability during the race. This means fewer wobbles and less chance of veering off course, allowing you to maintain a straight and fast trajectory.

Easy Installation

Our cylindrical tungsten weights are designed for easy installation. Simply attach them to your wood car using the provided adhesive, and you’re ready to go. The weights are securely held in place, ensuring they won’t come loose during the race.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I remove the weights after the race?
  2. Yes, our cylindrical tungsten weights can be easily removed without causing any damage to your wood car.

  3. How many weights do I need for my car?
  4. The number of weights needed depends on the weight of your car and the desired weight distribution. We recommend starting with a few weights and adjusting as needed.

  5. Will the weights affect the appearance of my car?
  6. Our cylindrical tungsten weights are sleek and compact, ensuring they won’t interfere with the overall appearance of your pinewood car.


With our cylindrical tungsten pinewood car weights, you can easily meet the weight limit and optimize your wood car for speed. The strategic placement of these weights will improve acceleration and stability, giving you a competitive edge in pinewood car racing. So why wait? Get your set of cylindrical tungsten pinewood car weights today and take your racing game to the next level!

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