This spa filter is a replacement for Pleatco PWW50L, Unicel 4CH-949, Filbur FC-0172, SD-01143, Waterway 817-4050, Dynasty Rising Dragon 50, SC757, FD2007. It measures 5 x 13 1/16 and comes in a pack of 2.

Quality and Durability

The AQUALTRASpa Filter is known for its high quality and durability, providing clean and clear water for your hot tub.

Easy Installation

With its screw-in design, this spa filter is easy to install and replace, making maintenance a breeze.

Customer Reviews

Customers have praised the AQUALTRASpa Filter for its excellent filtration and long-lasting performance.


If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient spa filter replacement, the AQUALTRASpa Filter is a great choice.

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Don’t wait any longer to enjoy clean and refreshing water in your hot tub. Order the AQUALTRASpa Filter now and experience the difference!



This is a high-quality spa filter that replaces several popular brands, including Pleatco, Unicel, Filbur, Jacuzzi, and Guardian. It comes in a convenient 2-pack and is designed for drop-in installation in hot tubs.


The AQUALTRASpa Filter has been tested for superior filtration and durability, providing clean and clear water for a relaxing spa experience. It effectively removes dirt, debris, and impurities, ensuring a hygienic and enjoyable soak.


This spa filter is easy to install, requiring no special tools or complicated procedures. Simply remove the old filter and drop in the AQUALTRASpa Filter for immediate use. It fits seamlessly into compatible hot tub models.


Regular maintenance of the AQUALTRASpa Filter is simple and straightforward, extending its lifespan and optimizing performance. Cleaning and rinsing the filter regularly will ensure consistent filtration and water quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers who have used the AQUALTRASpa Filter have expressed high satisfaction with its performance and value. It has received positive reviews for its effectiveness and compatibility with various hot tub models.


The AQUALTRASpa Filter is a reliable and cost-effective replacement for popular spa filter brands, offering exceptional filtration and ease of use. With its durable construction and efficient performance, it is a top choice for maintaining clean and clear spa water.

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