AQUALIFT Exercise Training Kit – Water Filled Weight

AQUALIFT Exercise Training Kit – Water Filled Weight

AQUALIFT Exercise Training Kit – Water Filled Weight

IMPROVED WORKOUT: The extra stabilisation that is needed to maintain good form when weight training with water will help to work a much wider range of muscles & massively improve your balance & core strength! Whether you go to the gym already, train with traditional weights or just starting, AQUA LIFT will be an excellent addition to your workout routine to improve dynamic strength as no rep is ever the same!

Portable and Adjustable

When drained, the AQUA LIFT packs up incredibly small & lightweight (less than 2kg), making them convenient to carry in our string bag, which is provided. Moreover, water is readily available, meaning you can train wherever you are in the world.

Adjustable Weight

With weight lines from 2.5kg up to 10kg on each bag, you can easily identify how much weight you are lifting & track progress over time. The unique zip joining mechanism allows you to adjust the weight by using the weight bags separately or by zipping both weight bags together to provide more weight enabling a range of further exercises that can be performed.

Complete Home & Travel Workout Kit

We have included everything you need for a full workout with this all-in-one home & travel workout kit. The kit includes 2 x AQUA LIFT water-fillable weight bags that can either be used separately or zipped together to make one larger weight bag, 2 x resistance bands, a pump, an AQUA LIFT band to cover the zip & an instruction manual. A string bag is also included for easy storage and transportation of the kit.

AQUA LIFT Community

In your AQUA LIFT kit, you will find instructions on how to join the AQUA LIFT community via our App. The App contains video instructions on how to set up the kit, over 50 different exercises you can perform & the ability to make new customized workouts. And even better, it’s all free! You will also see opportunities to win regular prizes such as t-shirts and hoodies.

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